2010 September : Sunday Salon

In or Out of Control | SPILL

SPILLAGE by Nita Noveno & Barbara Sueko McGuire
Be Careful by William Cass

Empty Pockets by Roof Alexander

Wingin’ It by Jessica Machado

Distrust the Inner Voice by Alisa Slaughter

Felicia by Ilana Garon

Life Taxidermy by Brie Huling

A Psalm of What Happens When I Submit to Love by Bernadette McComish

Fado de Coimbra (serenade) by Mike Stutzman

Heart Decay by Brie Huling
Ed Pavlic by Nita Noveno

Nancy Martini by Barbara Sueko McGuire

Wingin’ It

By Jessica Machado

In the seventh grade, I asked my father to take me to see Winger, a glam rock band whose greatest hit, “She’s Only Seventeen,” included the lyrics, “Daddy says she’s too young, but she’s old enough for me.” My father said yes, even though the concert was on a school night and he had no idea what Winger was.

When we arrived at the show that evening, the parking lot was a black sea of T-shirts and spandex. It was August of 1989 in Honolulu, and here at the Aloha Tower concert hall, sweat was about to …

Be Careful

By William Cass

Tim got up early. It was Saturday. The trailer was still. He lifted the corner of the curtain with his finger and looked outside: it was snowing again, hard. Only the week after Christmas, and already the heaviest winter snowfall on record. He dressed, then walked down the short hallway, plugged in the Christmas tree lights, and started breakfast.

Austin woke up next. He came in carrying the new stuffed elephant that had been poking out of his stocking, holding it by the ear. He sat on the edge of the couch and looked at the tree. …

Life Taxidermy

By Brie Huling

There was no one here to tell me I was wrong.

In taxidermy, you skin the animal first
like removing the skin of a chicken.

I’m casting my own form here,
but I am an amateur. It’s pretty obvious.

& you have cast me queerly, firm tendrils falling …

Bernadette McComish

Bernadette McComish earned her B.A. at Hunter College and her MFA at Sarah Lawrence. She is the recipient of The Helen Galland Loewus Scholarship, and her poems have appeared in *Hakol* and *Perspectives*. She teaches English and writing at SUNY Purchase and The New York City College of Technology. Her current collection in progress, *Hooked*, is an exploration of addiction, bondage, and romance.

Barbara Sueko McGuire

At a recent work evaluation, Barbara Sueko had to choose a vegetable to represent herself. She went with jicama, which is actually a root, because it’s sweet and kind on the inside, but when misused can be dangerously poisonous and prickly [insert sarcasm]. Barbara Sueko (this is her full first name) is an MFA graduate of Sarah Lawrence’s creative nonfiction writing program and can now be found serving up scones and tea—no jicama thereabout—in the Upper Sides of Manhattan. Read more about her trials and tribulations at I Have Nothing Else Left to Set on Fire. (http://barbarasueko.tumblr.com/)

Sunday Salon is …

Ilana Garon

Ilana Garon has been teaching high school English (and math, in emergency situations) since she graduated from Barnard College in 2003. She has been published in Miranda Literary Magazine, PresenTense Magazine, Dissent Magazine, and is thrilled to be making her debut in Sunday Salon. Ilana received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence in 2009. Besides teaching, she enjoys running, writing, chocolate, and sampling the wares of craft breweries. She lives and works in New York City.

Roof Alexander

Roof Alexander is a fiction writer living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The past ten years he has lived in North Carolina, Amsterdam, Colorado, San Francisco, Central America, and the Appalachian Mountains whilst collecting millions of words upon the page. Amongst these words he is sadly and ultimately known for his coining of the neighborhood acronym CHUMBLES (Chinatown Under Manhattan Bridge Lower East Side). The rest of the words can be found on: www.roofalexander.com.

William Cass

William Cass is an elementary school principal in San Diego, CA. He has had twelve short stories accepted for publication in mostly smaller literary magazines.

Mike Stutzman

Mike Stutzman writes, performs weddings, and teaches freshmen to argue. He resides in New Haven, both his and the hamburger’s birthplace. His recent work appears in Northville Review, and BALLERZ 2K10 (a chapbook written with his Fantasy Basketball league) will soon be released by University of Wynwood Press.

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