Adina Kay : Sunday Salon

Adina Kay

Adina Kay is a nonfiction writer living in New York City. She is currently finishing her MFA at Columbia University’s School of the Arts and working on a nonfiction novel about growing up and getting caught amidst life, love and landscape in New York and Jerusalem. Her creative writing has been published in the Blood Orange Review and 580 Split. She loves her mother very much despite that crazy set-up.


  1. Dr. Cynthia Paulis on November 14th, 2010 6:32 pm

    Hi Adina, Congrats on you marriage. Do you remember me. I was you student, the doctor who had the bad car accident while I was taking your class. I tried to e mail you but it came back. the story I workshoped in your class about my mom who had alzheimer’s disease called A walk by the sea was published! As a result they asked me to write a medical column which I did all summer at the Fire Island Tide I was The beach Doc. They loved it so much they asked me to do another column. You can see some of my other stories on and type in Paulis or just google me and type in my stories. I owe it all to you and your great teaching. I do not even know if this message will get to you since I have no clue as to what this face book thing is all about but I wish you nothing but great health and happiness and a long life together in your new marriage. Best regards, cynthia