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Reach a robust literary community through Sunday Salon. is a keen way get your new book, website or publishing company in front of our readers. online publishes new prose each week coupled with timely articles and insights. Our monthly e-newsletter reaches to over four hundred established writers and influencers concentrated in the New York City and Chicago metro areas. Read on to find out more about Salon advertising.

Well-Vetted. Designed Well.

We’re picky about the advertising we accept. We only accept ad content that is relevant and appropriate for our readers. And we limit banner ad design to a black background, white text and a graphic. No spinning, flashing, obnoxious blinking things. We expect your ads to look good, communicate and integrate with the Salon website. Why? Research shows people avoid looking at ads or more importantly, items they perceive as ads. People ignore ads that look different than the rest of the site, are over polished, are animated, and appear unnecessary. The will look at ads that display items a user many want to buy, are related to the page content, match the style of the site they’re on. So, don’t feel bad if your ad does not get approved right away or we ask you to modify it. And if you need help crafting an ad, we can do so for an additional $50 per single banner creative concept. Modifications and changes to the first concept will be billed at $50/hr. Contact Drawing on the Promises LLC at frank{at} if you need help with design. Advertising

When you advertise on, you’re reaching not only writers, bloggers, editors and publishers, but also artists, musicians, students, teachers, designers and just about any other creative field you can imagine. And you get the added benefit of the physical presence of Sunday Salon readings in the creative metropolises of New York City, Chicago and Nairobi. Advertising on SundaySalon is simple. There are four main advertising opportunities on the website:

Page Top Banners >

If you want the most coverage across, the Post Top banners are the way to go. They appear at the top of every page, just under the main navigation bar and above the title of the page. You can see an example at the top of this page. Your ad will be rotated with three other ads per slot each time the page loads. The price is $90 for 30 days (190 px wide by 140 px high).

Homepage Banners >

If you want to reach the largest audience, then go for the front page. Your ad will be placed in the top right section under Salon Sponsors with three other ads per impression. Your ad will be rotated with three other ads per slot each time the page loads. The cost is $90 for 30 days (240px wide by 85 px high).

Sidebar Favicons >

Want a lot of exposure on a limited budget? Favicon sized banners in the side bar of every page are perfect. Reserve your nifty 16px by 16px wide slot and be seen by our loyal readers. The price is a bargain at $10 for 30 days.

Book Page Banner >

Have a new book coming out that you would like to promote? Our book page banner ad slot is just for you. It’s the perfect size (275px high by 215px wide) to show your cover and the right spot at the top of our book review page for maximum exposure. The price is $60 for 30 days and your ad will be rotated with 5 other books in the slot.

Banner Ad Tracking >

You can also view your ad’s performance via email and the stats page. It includes independent counts of unique / total visitors and clicks, leading to a very accurate click-thru-ratio (CTR) calculation. See attached screen shot example for more information.

How do I make a purchase?

You can go to our ad purchase page, select the type of ad you want to purchase and then follow the prompts. We accept PayPal as the primary means of payment. If you prefer to pay with a check, please contact us and we will place your ad manually. Let us know if you have questions.

eNewsletter Advertising

Advertising in the twice monthly Sunday Salon e-newsletter allows you to talk to over 400 writers and influencers. And each eNewsletter contains snippets of new prose, upcoming writers, news and events. If you want to get the word out about a service, product or event, this is a great place to do it. We accept only permission based opt-in subscribers, provide an unsubscribe link in each email, and clean our list regularly. We are currently accepting banner ads (185px wide by 115 px high). You can purchase one here. The price is $30 per eNewsletter which comes out to about $.07/email. You can purchase eNewsletter banner ad space here (choose Custom Service, eNewsletter). Sign up below for our eNewsletter and see for yourself.

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