Alexis Romay : Sunday Salon

Alexis Romay

Alexis Romay received a Master of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature from the City University of New York. His novel Salidas de emergencia (Emergency Exits) was published in Spain and in Italy; his book of poetry Los culpables (The Guilty) was published in Spain. He is a contributor to the quarterlies Encuentro de la Cultura Cubana, Caleta, Replicante and Letras Libres. He has translated into Spanish the novel Flight to Freedom, by Ana Veciana-Suarez, as well as the Newbery Award winning book of poetry The Surrender Tree, by Margarita Engle and, into English, the novel Al norte del infierno, by Miguel Correa Mujica. With Enrique Del Risco, he has written lyrics for Paquito D’Rivera’s operetta Cecilio Valdés, Rey de La Habana (Cecilio Valdes, King of Havana) He lives in New Jersey with his wife, his dogs and a few books, and writes about Cuba, literature and other tropical diseases in his blogs: Belascoaín y Neptuno & Mixing Memory and Desire.


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