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Kenya’s Post Election Crisis: Finding Meaning

Recently received this important request from an editor at Kwani, a literary magazine from Kenya:

If meaning has been manipulated leading to us killing each other, let us manipulate it so that we do not kill each other. – Prof. Wambui Mwangi

In the last couple of weeks, a group of Kenyan writers has been meeting to analyze and whack out ways to respond to the post-election crisis in Kenya.
One way has been through the production of a series of opinion pieces under the byline “Concerned Kenyan Writers”. These pieces have and continue to be placed in various media outlets locally (Nairobi Star, Daily Nation and The East …

Kenya News on Kwani Blog

What is Kwani? Kwani Trust was established in 2003. It is dedicated to nurturing and developing Kenya’s and Africa’s intellectual, creative and imagination resources through strategic literary interventions. Kwani Trust houses and distributes literary products and services globally. Kwani Trust, under the guidance of trustees, is overseen by its founding editor, Binyavanga Wainaina supported by key staff; a corps of literary associates, and friends from Kenya, the African continent and the rest of the creative world.

What does Kwani do?

* Edit and publish the foremost literary journal in the region representing new regional literary voices
* Locate, nurture and develop literary talents from as wide a segment of East African …

Kenya update

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received messages from our fellow writers and friends in Kenya about the conflicts rising from the recent presidential elections and want to share with you their perspectives. Please consider signing the on-line petition at the end calling for an urgent resolution to the electoral crisis:

Jan. 5th

Hi Nita and Caroline,

Nice of you guys to keep in touch. I’m sure you’ve seen alot of it on CNN. Its been pretty bad, elections gone bad, politicians gone crazy, Kenya in a mess. No one ever thought Kenya could end up this way. Its all about the elections, there was a bit of rigging going on and …