Recent Readings : Sunday Salon

NYC | May 19, 2013

Yes, we love all kinds of literature, but we appreciate fine mathematics too. Try this equation: four stellar writers + their bold, beautiful books = ? (Answer: a great reading at this month’s Salon! Of course.) Join us! Jimmys no. 43. At 7pm.

Joshua Henkin is the author of the novels Matrimony, a New York Times Notable Book, and Swimming Across the Hudson, a Los Angeles Times Notable Book. His new novel, The World Without, is recently out in paperback from Vintage Books. It has been named an Editors’ Choice Book by The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune …

NYC | November 15, 2009

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Sunday Salon will be collecting donations for the people of Caba, a small fishing town in La Union Province that has been affected by the second major typhoon to hit the Philippines last month. We will be sending, in true Filipino style, a ‘balikbayan box’ (an extra-large cardboard box filled to capacity containing various comfort items then shipped directly to the Philippines by a specialized freight service for a flat fee). FOR A LIST OF MOST NEEDED ITEMS, click here.

CASH DONATIONS will be collected as well, on behalf of the relief efforts of Cafe By The Ruins in Baguio City, Philippines. Everyone donating $10 or more …