Chicago | April 2007 : Sunday Salon

Chicago | April 2007

Mahmoud Saeed is a prominent and award-winning Iraqi novelist. He has written more than 20 novels and short story collections, including Port Said and Other Stories, which was published in 1957. The first military-Baathist Iraqi government seized two of his novels in 1963. Saeed was imprisoned several times and he left Iraq in 1985 after the authorities banned the publication of some of his novels, including Zanka bin Baraka (1970), which nevertheless won the Ministry of Information Award in 1993. His new novel The World in Angel’s Eyes will be published in Cairo, Egypt. You can read some of his stories at

Fred Sasaki has written fiction, naughty stories, and et cetera for MAKE , Newcity, Venus Zine, featherproof books, and others. He is the founding editor of the Printers’ Ball-an annual celebration of literature in Chicago, the assistant editor for Poetry, and editor at large for Stop Smiling.

Kate Duva is a writer, a dancer, and a teacher of young children. Her fiction has appeared in Hair Trigger magazine and she was selected as a finalist in the 2005 Chicago Guild Complex Prose competition. She is at work on a novel inspired by her adventures in rural Bosnia.


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