Chicago | January 27, 2008 : Sunday Salon

Chicago | January 27, 2008

Bundle up! It’s cold out there. We’ll be serving up some hot and tasty prose at the mid-winter Chicago Salon.

Bruce Olds is the author of three novels: Bucking the Tiger, an American Library Association Notable Book adapted from the stage as The Confessions of Doc Holliday, and Raising Holy Hell, a Pulitzer Prize finalist and an IMPAC Dublin Literary Award Nominee that was also named Novel of the Year by the Notable Books Council of the ALA and winner of the QPB New Voices Award for Fiction, and The Moments Lost: A Midwest Pilgrim’s Progress, also a Pulitzer Prize finalist. His nonfiction work has appeared in Granta and American Heritage, among other publications, and has been anthologized by the MIT Press and Modern Library. He lives in Chicago where he currently is working on a Civil War era set in that city, tentatively entitled “The Camp.

Jill Pollack, founder of StoryStudio Chicago, is an award-winning communications consultant, writer and editor. A published author with 15 years experience in corporate communications, Jill teaches creative writing to individuals and leads customized seminars for businesses and professionals. Her work has appeared on the Internet, in newspapers, magazines, trade periodicals and political journals. Jill has authored three books for young adults: , Shirley Chisholm (First Book) named a Best Book by Science and Film Magazine; Lesbian and Gay Families: Redefining Parenting in America; and Women on the Hill: A History of Women in Congress (Women Then–Women Now). She is currently working on a novel and short story collection.

Molly Dumbleton is Managing Editor of a small publishing house in Evanston, where she is the founding editor of two children’s magazines as well as countless books, CDs, and toys that look cute until you know how much work they involve. She’s a freelance writer and editor with a specialty in environmental education and marketing, and also teaches Creative Writing to adult students at DePaul University . In the spare (ha ha) moments sprinkled over the last four and a half years, she’s been slowly chiseling away at a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Northwestern, which she is inordinately proud to have just, finally, happily, great-big-sigh-edly completed.

And our very own Salon co-host, Make Mag, Chicago extraordinaire Mike Zapata!


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