Dale Peck : Sunday Salon

Dale Peck

Dale Peck has published ten books. These are their names: Martin and John, The Law of Enclosures, Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye, What We Lost, Hatchet Jobs, Drift House, The Lost Cities, Sprout, Body Surfing, Shift. These are their genres: novel-in-stories, novel + memoir, novel, novel-cum-memoir; essays, children’s novel, children’s novel, young adult novel, thriller, co-authored thriller. Here are some fun facts about them. The book that he got paid the least amount of money for sold the greatest number of copies. The book that he got the most amount of money for sold the fewest number of copies. The shortest book, at 60,000 words, took four years to write, while the longest book, at 250,000 words, took only eleven months. The book that got the most press was almost universally vilified and the book that got the least press won an award and received half a dozen citations. The book that he likes the most hasn’t been published yet. Who knows, maybe it hasn’t even been written yet. In addition to knocking out the books, Peck also teaches in the New School’s Graduate Writing Program and is a co-founder of a new publishing company called Mischief + Mayhem Books. If you haven’t ordered their first and, to date, only title, The Autobiography of Jenny X by Lisa Dierbeck, please do so now at www.mischiefandmayhembooks.com. No, really, do it now, or he’s not going to read. If you don’t have a smartphone, he’ll be happy to lend you his old iPhone.

You can even steal it if you want, so he has an excuse to get the new one.


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