Gammy L. Singer : Sunday Salon

Gammy L. Singer

Adding to an already eclectic and impressive resume, actress and director Gammy L. Singer has brought another color to her artistic palette: author, and she explores storytelling from a perspective that many more-experienced writers wish they could tap. Singer has been a teacher, a masseuse, a clerical worker, a proofreader, an actress and director. Released in March of 2006, her second novel, Down and Dirty: Another Landlord’s Tale has likeable landlord Amos Brown back in action. The first, A Landlord’s Tale, was recently optioned for film and television by Laurence Fishburne’s film company, Gypsy Cinema Productions. Ms. Singer earned a master’s degree in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania and has contributed theater reviews for the New York Amsterdam News and book reviews for online She resides in Harlem, the setting for her novels, having moved there from Los Angeles and has a daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren living in Atlanta whom she visits


  1. yavette on September 23rd, 2009 4:54 pm

    Dear Gammy
    I really love your show up and coming I heard the show was made in 1979 on the PBS station channel 28 but remember watching all of the reruns in the summer of 1985 I enjoyed watching it every day, in the afternoon at 1:00 p.m. but haven’t seen it in over 20 years I tried contacting PBS station to release it on the tv one station so they can show it again but they nevered responded back to me. since it was your show could you release from PBS so tv one can show a marathon of it, it is a black station your show was so entertaining love to see it again with your help we all love your show everybody wants to see it again on tv one this time.
    Thank you
    from fans