Grace Tiffany : Sunday Salon

Grace Tiffany

graceblogpicA Shakespeare scholar, Grace Tiffany is the author of five novels that intersect with Shakespeareʼs life and art. Her Ariel (Berkley, 2005) and My Father Had a Daughter (Berkley, 2003) were cited on the “best books” lists of the American Library Association and Booksense 76, the independent booksellersʼ association. Her third novel, The Turquoise Ring (Berkley, 2005) was named one of the six finest adaptations of Shakespeare in history, by esteemed Columbia University Shakespearean James Shapiro. Tiffanyʼs latest book, Paint (Bagwyn, 2013) is based on the life of seventeenth- century poet Emilia Lanier, a woman thought by some to be the Dark Lady of Shakespeareʼs sonnets. National Book Award finalist Bonnie Jo Campbell called Paint a “poignant and hilarious” tale of “murder, blackmail, seduction – and makeup.” Grace Tiffany teaches at Western Michigan University.


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