Hirsh Sawhney : Sunday Salon

Hirsh Sawhney

Hirsh Sawhney edited and contributed a short story to Delhi Noir, an anthology of brand-new fiction published by Akashic Books. The book will be released by HarperCollins in India, Asphate in France, and Metropoli d’Asia in Italy. In 2005, he moved to Delhi, the city his parents abandoned during the 1960s. While based in the Indian capital for the next three years, he wrote for a variety of publications including the Times Literary Supplement, the Guardian, the Financial Times, Outlook, the Indian Express, and Helsinki’s Vihreä Lanka. Having recently returned to the US, Hirsh, 30, is working on a novel. He has received a fellowship to study and teach writing at Rutgers University in Newark. He is also an Associate Editor at Wasafiri Magazine and a Contributing Editor for The Brooklyn Rail.


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