June Wanjiru Wainaina : Sunday Salon

June Wanjiru Wainaina

Few achievements give her more pleasure than that of having brought to life literary liaisons that are now a key feature throughout Nairobi. Founder of the kwani? Readings as far back as 2003, and thereafter the kwani? Poetry Open Mic, June Wanjiru Wainaina hosts the Sunday Salon, Nairobi, held every third Sunday of the month at Kengeles, Lavington Green. In another life she was a technocrat, having developed the curricullum for and taught a six-month course in Computer Repairs and Maintenance at Egerton University in Nakuru, Kenya. For now, getting all kwani? Poets onto facebook is her goal.


  1. David Maina on June 21st, 2008 5:22 am

    Sunday Salon is a fantastic concept that creatively brings to life the literary attention we need to give to great writing. Congratulations for a fabulous concept whose time has come!

    We must promote reading and African literary works in our generation, or we build generations on “sands of knowledge”; a weak foundation to build our future on. In as much as I believe strongly that there is a place for the oral traditions many of our African cultures have shunned, or misunderstood to mean nothing gets documented in today’s day and age, our book shelves are crying out for African literary content by the 21st Century African.

    Who will take up the challenge? Who will save us from the doldrums of a dissipating culture? Who will save us from the pit of identity crisis that is haunting our youth? Who will help us define and record the culture we are creating today? Who will breathe life to our evolving culture and its sustainability? I believe the answer lies with the Sunday Salon thespians and the literary fraternity in our beautiful country? Then, we must ask, If not here, where? If not now, when? and If not you, who???