Leora Skolkin-Smith : Sunday Salon

Leora Skolkin-Smith

Leora Skolkin-Smith’s first published novel, Edges was edited and published by the late Grace Paley for Ms. Paley’s own imprint at Glad Day books. Edges was nominated for the 2006 PEN/Faulkner Award by Grace Paley. The Fragile Mistress, a feature film based on Edges, is currently in pre-production, scheduled to begin shooting on location in Jerusalem, Jordan, and New York, produced by Triboro Pictures, directed by Michael Gunther, http://www.thefragilemistress.com. Articles by Leora Skolkin-Smith have appeared in The Washington Post, Psychology Today, The National Book Critic’s Circle, “Critical Mass”, “Readysteadybook.com”, the Quarterly Review. Excerpts from Hystera were first published by Persea Books, and recently appeared in The Hamilton Stone Review. Recent publications include a piece from The Fragile Mistress, which appeared in Guernica Magazine in 2010.


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