Lloyd Igane : Sunday Salon

Lloyd Igane

Copywriter, writer of indiscriminate little stories, and columnist, has been many things including untrained teacher, accountant, freelance feature writer, amateur dog-house cleaner, creative director, fire-fighter, vehicle brander and unemployed creative bum-about-town.

Born two years before independence – in Chuka, on the slopes of Mt Kenya – he went to local schools where he tended to beat all his classmates; then came A levels at the coast and everything took a nasty turn. Surprised to get 32% in Math, he dropped the subject altogether and spent many a glorious afternoon on the beach, skiving even the subjects he never dropped.

Needless to say, his formal education suffered greatly after that. Until recently when he rekindled it briefly, enrolling for a degree in Literature and Communication, at the UON, which he is yet to complete because once he went on a sabbatical to complete an assignment, he is yet to get back to class. The story Shaba Park, is part of that continuing assignment. It is dedicated to all his daughters, and is to be published soon.


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