Mecca Woods : Sunday Salon

Mecca Woods

Born and raised in the South Bronx section of New York City,
Mecca Woods knew she wanted to become a writer at a very young age. Born an avid reader and blessed with the super ability to string words together like ‘at’ and ‘the’, Mecca took to the pen with much ardor and promise. At the age of 6, she first began entertaining friends and family with the occasional haiku and sonnet before moving on to the craft of the short story. Many years later, while studying Creative Writing at Hunter College in the heart of the Big Apple, Mecca would go on to win the Audre Lorde Prize in Poetry and secure a publishing internship with Simon & Schuster. Since completing school she has found a very comfortable niche in the non-profit sector. When not writing proposals to secure grants for low-income residents of the Bronx, she is hard at work smithing literary delights for the masses and her upcoming film ZEMIRA.


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