Nairobi | October 19, 2008 : Sunday Salon

Nairobi | October 19, 2008

Four readers, four unique voices, in a tranquil outdoor setting. An evening of entertainment for discerning lovers of the written word. Sarah Simons has a postgraduate background is education, development studies and forensic criminology. She is a trained crime investigator specializing in mapping analysis and research. Now venturing into crime fiction, she likes writing with a strong African flavour. She lives in Nairobi with her Dutch husband and two very sportive teenage children.

Isabella Mugo is 23 years old. She has just completed four years as the University of Nairobi, pursuing a degree in Literature and Sociology. She loves to read and write, among very many other things.

Renee Mboya writes for She came back to Nairobi half a decade ago after a childhood in exile on a dusty farm, in an industrial town, on the slopes of Kilimambogo; and found it spoke to her soul. She will never again eat pineapples. She has recently embarked on a second half-degree (the first being semi-Law) in International Relations and is (at present) excited enough to consider completing it. She reads all the time and writes when she can.

Eudiah Kamonjo is a 24 year old poetess and journalist with a wide range of interests.She is passionate about books and art in all its forms, writing, traveling, photography, dancing and exercise. She completed her Mass Communication studies in July 2005 and has been an active journalist since then. Eudiah has worked as a writer and editor for magazines like Homes Kenya Magazine, joining Oakland Media Services in 2006, where she worked on a myriad of publications, including Eve Magazine, Sokoni, and Eve Girl. She is also a member of PEN Kenya Chapter and is currently a correspondent on entertainment, arts, lifestyle, business, health and women’s’ issues for various print and online publications.

Eudiah Kamonjo’s themes range from sexuality, spirituality, women and children issues. For 2008, she has been working on a poetry collection based on passion, desire, abuse and sexual identity; aspects of sexuality that have been ignored and will be highlighted in the collection titled ‘Not In Jeans’. She is also working on short stories on varying themes.


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