NYC | February 20, 2011 : Sunday Salon

NYC | February 20, 2011

This month, and in spirit of the historic events in North Africa (they spilled onto the streets and a revolution began), we celebrate the the theme of spill, that is, what gets out of control, what we try to control, and what controls us. Join us for a special reading with writers from the latest issue of SalonZine: SPILL!

Roof Alexander is a fiction writer living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The past ten years he has lived in North Carolina, Amsterdam, Colorado, San Francisco, Central America and the Appalachian Mountains whilst collecting millions of words upon the page. Amongst these words he is sadly and ultimately known for his coining of the neighborhood acronym CHUMBLES (Chinatown Under Manhattan Bridge Lower East Side). The rest of the words can be found on:

Ilana Garon has been teaching high school English (and math, in emergency situations) since she graduated from Barnard College in 2003. She has been published in Miranda Literary Magazine, PresenTense Magazine, Dissent Magazine, and Sunday Salon, and writes a blog about education issues for the Huffington Post. Ilana received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence in 2009. Besides teaching, she enjoys running, writing, chocolate and sampling the wares of craft breweries. She lives and works in New York City.

Mike Stutzman teaches students to write in clear, direct, and simple prose, and then does the exact opposite in his own writing. He lives in New Haven, where he is completely unaffiliated with Yale University. BALLERZ 2K10, a chapbook co-written with members of his Fantasy Basketball league, will be released soon by University of Wynwood Press.

Jessica Machado is a writer and editor who lives in Brooklyn. Like many a writer and editor who lives in Brooklyn, she spends much of her time in coffee shops pining for the day when freelance paychecks cover more than her MetroCard and her blog ( manifests into a book deal. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Bust, The Awl and The Economist’s More Intelligent Life. She’s currently working on a memoir about failed attempts to run from loneliness.

Brie Huling writes poems, hula hoops, and gets out of New York City every chance she gets. She walked 40 miles a few months ago and is still drinking dirty martinis most nights to congratulate herself. She loves June and Mondays and hot sauce on everything. She received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence and it’s really done her heaps of good, as poets are the surgeons of the heart these days. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be quite as lucrative but it still gets you lots of babes and you don’t need to carry around a pager or wear a special outfit. Brie will be 30 and in Puerto Rico with her dear friend Barbara Sueko in two and half weeks from you reading this silly bio… Thanks Sunday Salon, you guys are shiny stars.


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