Onduko Bw’ atebe : Sunday Salon

Onduko Bw’ atebe

Onduko bw’ Atebe emerged on the literary scene late 2005 with the publication of his book: The Verdict of Death. In 2006, the book was nominated and went on to win the biggest prize in the country – The Whome Mutahi Literary Award.

A fervent believer in the writing and reading faith, Atebe has since then gone on to join and work with other writers and writers’ organizations that profess, promote and spread the gospel. He is the Secretary General of the Kenya Organization of Writers’ Association (KOWA) He is also the secretary to the Literary Awards committee, run by the National Book Development council of Kenya (NBDC-K). Last but not least, he was recently elected the Vice President of International Pen – Kenya Chapter.


  1. david kiingi on July 1st, 2010 3:19 am

    Good work Onduko Esq.Ive read that book about five times now and it even inspired me to write my own . At the epilogue you say something about The executions, Is it the sequel of the verdict of death? If it is when will it be out?