Rahnee Patrick : Sunday Salon

Rahnee Patrick

Rahnee Patrick writes fictional and non-fiction essays to explore the lives of marginal folks, particularly lives of women, Asian Americans, and people with disabilities. In 1996, Rahnee won the Women’s Studies Essay Contest, Creative Category for her fictional essay The Living. In that same year, her short story Virtual Reality was awarded First Place in the short story competition of the Lester M. Wolfson Award writing contest. In 2000, Am I Who?, a non-fiction essay was first published Face2Face Press, a Web forum that discussed interracial concerns. Instructors frequently use Am I Who? as one of many representations of the Asian American experience.


  1. Juanita Salvador-burris on November 10th, 2009 6:04 pm

    Hi Rahnee,

    Good to see your bio in this website where I just read a Filipino friend’s poem. She teaches at Old Dominion Univ. in Norfolk, VA.
    You are super-talented! What else have you been accomplishing since we last met or talked? How can i read your works?

    Hope you’re well. Let’s get together again.