SHAKEN : Sunday Salon


The original idea for this issue of SalonZine came soon after the 2011 earthquake in Japan, a magnitude 9, and the fourth largest earthquake in the world since 1900. This past year, the destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy, the Connecticut school shootings, and other seemingly endless gun-related tragedies have shaken us to the core. In our unsettling world lives change in an instant, only to become irrevocably defined by that which cleaves. How does one come out of such terrible loss? How do we deal with the worst? The unexpected? The inevitable?

The writers and poets in this issue respond to these questions. Their prose and poetry address things, people, and events that move us, make the ground beneath us tremble, the heart in our cages quake. They excavate the fault lines of before and after.

We’re honored to share their findings with you.

-Nita Noveno & Sara Lippmann, Editors



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