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Why Believe?

Cafe by the RuinsThe writers and poets in this issue of SalonZine remind us of community and possibility, of what is absurd and beautiful in our world. Take a break from your work and worries and read this issue. Believe that the world is on your side, even in challenging times.

We dedicate this issue to risk takers, caretakers, and survivors.

-The Editors, Nita Noveno & Caroline Berger
-Assistant Editor, Barbara Sueko McGuire


Special thanks to writers Padmapani L. Perez and Luisa A. Igloria for connecting our communities.

In early October, devastating typhoons hit regions of Luzon, the Philippines’ largest island. In Benguet Province, families of farmers lost land in the mountains that has been passed on through generations. Entire mountains collapsed. Landslides buried homes and people, rivers flooded and carried away livelihoods. Sunday Salon would like to support Team Café’s on-going efforts in the recovery process.

During the 1991 killer earthquake Café by the Ruins in Baguio City, set up a soup kitchen to feed families that lost their homes in Baguio. With Typhoon Pepeng, Team Café did the same, delivering hot meals to evacuation centers in the municipalities of Tublay and Itogon for ten days. Then, the Team distributed kitchen starters to each displaced family so that they could take these with them to their new homes when they relocate.

Now Team Café is raising funds to help them rebuild their future.

Their objective is to respect the dignity of the families they’ve been helping in the past weeks. On behalf of Sunday Salon, Team Café, friends and the people of Benguet, thank you for being our supportive partners in this endeavor. Please check out Café by the Ruins Facebook page where you’ll find photos, videos, and information on what they have been doing since October 10.

For donations please deposit to:
Account Name: Ruins Inc.
Account Number: 940139510
BDO (Banco de Oro) Legarda Branch, Baguio
Yandoc St.

For international deposits:
ROUTING# 0210-0001-8.

A message from Baguio City resident Padmapani L. Perez of Team Café:

More recently, we have delivered kitchen starter kits to these families. Each starter kit was composed of 8 kg of rice, some dried fish, beans, cooking oil, a pot, pan, kitchen knife and other basic necessities. As of October 21, we have delivered 153 of these kits to the communities that we had been serving over the past week and we have about 100 more to deliver. The kits were received with great enthusiasm and thanks by the families affected in the slides caused by “Pepeng.”

Team CafeOur work is not yet done and we are looking toward continued communication and projects with the families that we have already been working with. We are still looking at the feasibility of several ideas. Three of the ideas that were floated, which we think the Café can facilitate with the funds that we have (and are still receiving), are:

a) Pay-per-seedling tree-planting activities in the heavily eroded areas (once the ground has stabilized). Those affected by Pepeng will be asked to participate and will be paid for every seedling they plant-a temporary green job, so to speak! This way, we all participate in the healing of the land.

b) Distribution of solar chargers to approximately 200 families in distant Tublay barangays, which may be without electricity for over a year due to the extent of damage from landslides. These will keep cell phones charged so communication won’t be cut off and their kids will have light to do school work. A solar panel kit costs P2500 (about $50 US) only. Our mountaineering volunteers can carry these across the landslides on their backs.

c) Distribute a pig for every family to raise (or to sell if they prefer). Here in the mountains, pigs are precious property.


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