Yes No Yes : Sunday Salon

Yes No Yes


Now is the winter of our inevitable results, unavoidably determined by prior conditions.

Essential? Absolutely. Logically. Required.

Convention, on the other hand, dictates plenty of things that are none of its business. Poke convention in the eye with a sharp stick.

Effects are not always what they seem. Beware faulty reverse engineering. It only seems logical.

S seh seh seh incessant abscess accede exceed concede proceed recede secede ancestor. S.

So what, that’s my motto. So fucking what.

Absolutely essential, needed,

Required—what small, scratchy volume contains the overlap of necessity and love? Will you tell me?

Yes I said yes I will Yes.


  1. Elizabeth Wiseman on April 19th, 2010 8:02 pm

    I like a person with a motto. I’ve had several mottos over the years.
    Right now… Live with abandon. Worry about the bill when your dead.

    It’s a fitful spring. The sky is full of broken feathers.
    Shreds of frayed cloud litter the horizon.

    Diane, I hope you are well.